Your development path at Vibe Group

Creating the future of IT takes people. The right people. That’s why learning, growing and developing are top priorities at Vibe Group. You grow, Vibe grows. As a Viber, you get the highest support to develop into a best-in-class professional. Right from the start. Throughout your Vibe career. At Vibe you skyrocket your career! And this is how.


As a Viber, you get the guidance you need to develop into an expert in your field. Right from the start. Throughout your Vibe career. At Vibe Group, you'll accelerate your professional growth! And here's how.

The experience of

Team Manager Mohammed

"In your first year at Vibe Group a lot of money and time is invested in your growth on personal and career level."

Develop your skills in staffing, sales and IT

Ready to go? We are too! Your on-the-job training starts the moment you walk through the door on your first day here. What do we expect of you, what do you need to succeed and how can you keep learning and growing? And that’s just the beginning. You’ll have access to training courses, coaching on the job and development programmes – anything you need to keep developing your skills in staffing, sales and IT.

Welcome to Vibe Week

Your vibe starts with an experience you’ll never forget. During your Welcome to Vibe Week at our Amsterdam headquarters, you’ll learn all about our business, yourself and each other. You’ll meet our two founders and colleagues from across the company. This is a week full of interactive training and experiments that will spark your initiative and curiosity. Your life will never be the same.

Sales Consultant, your growth starts here

For Sales Consultants, your Impact Journey starts right after Welcome to Vibe Week. This is an intensive 6-month training programme that prepares you for your success as a consultant. You attend sales training courses, work together with your colleagues on your personal development and learn to work with all our tools and systems. You’ll also receive on-the-job coaching to teach you how to interact with our IT professionals and clients.

Your development path

We divide development into 3 different levels: Foundation, Core, and Advanced.


The learning never stops at Vibe

The learning never stops at Vibe

After your Impact Journey, you’ll continue to develop. With follow-up programmes such as First-Time Leadership, by our partner Kaap11. The Personal Development Experience programme, by trainers from Born Talent. And multiple in-house training programmes and experiences tailored by our expert in-house Learning & Development team.

Dietske Koolhaas - Manager Talent Acquisition
Dietske Koolhaas - Manager Talent Acquisition