Vibe Group is growing fast, and every month we welcome new employees during our 'Welcome to Vibe' introductory days. Basti works as a Talent Acquisition Consultant at Vibe Group in Düsseldorf. Below, he tells us how he experienced his first week at Vibe Group.


My name is Basti and I work as a Talent Acquisition Consultant for Vibe Group Düsseldorf. Before my career at Vibe Group, I worked for several large US companies in retail and logistics, and also had my own business in e-commerce.

After these different experiences, I looked back on my career and found that I have a great need for open communication and opportunities for growth. This made the choice of Vibe Group logical for me. The direct and transparent communication struck me immediately, especially during conversations with Sander Blankendaal, the managing director in Düsseldorf. Vibe Group also offers attractive career opportunities because it operates as a 'scale-up', where every employee plays a crucial role in the organisation's growth.



The 'Welcome to Vibe' week starts at the head office in Amsterdam, where all new employees spend their first working week. Together with a colleague, I travelled from Düsseldorf to Amsterdam, curious about what awaited us. The impressive view from the 12th floor of the head office in Amsterdam-Zuid made an immediate impact.

The first few days were inspiring, with speeches from founders Daniël Visser and Bernd van Baars, and other executives. The emphasis on creating a pleasant, family-like working atmosphere was evident in personal speeches that addressed not only work-related questions but also more informal topics.

Sportsmanship is essential at Vibe Group, so this is hugely encouraged. For example, the 'Vitality Vibes' programme ensures that everyone has the opportunity to stay active. We noticed this immediately when on the second day we were allowed to take a spinning class at the Rocycle studio around the corner.


The second part of the 'Welcome to Vibe' week included various training sessions, including professional courses on communication and social media, among others. Group activities not only allowed us to get to know our new colleagues better, but also to grow as a team.

The week ended with the 'Friday Drinks', an important ritual at all Vibe Group branches. It is a moment to toast to a successful week and the weekend as a team.

In the right place

The first week exceeded all our expectations. From day one, we were able to get to know all the new employees and key people within Vibe Group, which made us feel part of the team right away. Besides the advancement opportunities and career prospects, it was especially the strong team spirit and family atmosphere that convinced me that I am in the right place here. As they say, "Teamwork makes the dream work ;-)".