Sander Blankendaal Director Vibe Group Germany
to stand out tomorrow you need to outrace today
Sander Blankendaal Director Germany

Our purpose

Creating the future

At Vibe we believe in technology: invented by human curiosity and evolved by intelligence and creativity. Digital revolution starts with technology and the sharp, ambitious minds that drive it. For that human touch, you need highly specialised professionals.

Our mission

Connecting people to create the future

As an international IT staffing and consulting organisation, we are the ambitious challengers that connect these professionals to organisations. That is how they reach their highest level. And that is how together, we create the future of IT.

Our promise

IT staffing and consulting done differently: with the attitude of turning the impossible into possible.

You can rely on us to make the perfect match between IT professional and employer. We deliver better, smarter, faster and more qualitative service based on our in-depth IT-niche knowledge. It’s what makes us the one to copy and to beat.

Our ambition

Nr 1 in staffing and consulting

We want to be the best in what we do. This not only means the best in staffing and consulting, but also the best employer to work for.

Our financial results

At Vibe Group, we are proud of what we do and the results we achieve. Every six months, we publish our key financial figures on this website. So are you interested in our revenue, gross profit and profit before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization?

Our international presence

Vibe Group is an international organisation. We currently operate from our hubs in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Our headquarters is located in the Zuidas, an exclusive international knowledge and business centre in Amsterdam. We also have sites in the city centers of Antwerp, Brussels, Düsseldorf and Rotterdam.

4 IT Niches
34 Sub-niches
3 Countries
5 Offices



Vibe Group is Bovib certified. This quality mark shows that we as a broker ensure quality, are financially sound and comply with applicable laws and regulations.

Privacy verified

Vibe Group is certified by Privacy Verified. This certification shows that Vibe Group takes measures to process personal data of its employees, clients and candidates in a GDPR compliant manner, and has implemented internal processes to ensure this.

Our Vibe DNA


“Creating the future is an attitude”


We strive to make a difference. We try harder, work smarter, go further and never give up. This is the attitude that makes the impossible possible. Because the best tomorrow is created when we match technology and humanity in the perfect way. We consider the extra mile only a starting point.

Our core values


With an owner’s mindset we always deliver our best work and add value to organisations and careers of professionals. We do it right, or we don’t do it at all.


We work to make an impact. We give it all we’ve got and we never give up. We challenge the market and ourselves to create futures. If everything is good, we go for the best.


We never stop learning, improving and developing. We want to make sure our solid performance today, will be an excellent performance tomorrow. We’re eager to deliver a top performance with skill and dedication.


We are successful by being ourselves. Sincere and a little rebellious at times. This helps us gain the trust of clients, professionals, and colleagues.


We enjoy exceeding expectations and being the best and we celebrate our successes together.

Our sustainable vibe

In everything we do, we consider the effect we have on people and the environment. We are constantly looking for sustainable solutions, investments and initiatives. This ambition is laid down in our CSR policy, which is aimed at contributing to three Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) of the United Nations to improve society and the world around us:

  • SDG 3: Good health and well-being: ensure healthy lives and promote well-being.
  • SDG 8: Decent work and economic growth: promote sustained, inclusive, and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment, and decent work for all.
  • SDG 13: Climate action: acting in an environmentally responsible manner. Striking the right balance between our profit-seeking and our impact on the environment, people and society.

Vibe Group consists of four specialised niche brands

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