Working abroad

Working abroad for a Dutch international company based there sounds like a dream job but can be very challenging. Do you have international ambitions but want to be close to your colleagues? Then you are in luck! More and more companies have branches abroad these days. The faster the growth, the more competition and the more ambitious the staff. In this blog, we discuss 5 crucial points to consider before starting your career with an international company. 


Does working with diverse cultures, discovering new places and making an international impact sound like music to your ears? Then be aware of the challenges involved. If you want to work at an international organisation, you may have to make evening calls to your colleagues abroad, or be away from home for several days. You might not have so many responsibilities at the moment, but what about in five years from now? Would you also want to be away for a week on a regular basis just like that by then? Future-oriented thinking is important when you choose an international career. Do you want to organise your life in such a way that you can? Then you are ready for your international step! 


To join an international company, you need to be a strong person. The following qualities will certainly come in handy when working abroad. 

  • Self-confidence;
  • Patience; 
  • Perseverance; 
  • Adaptability; 
  • Good communication skills in multiple languages. 

Even within Europe, norms and values can vary enormously, as do Vibe Group's offices in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. You will have to accept that you need to be flexible and some things will go differently than back home. Communicating well and staying patient is key. Yet it is also important to increase your chances, discuss your ambitions with your manager so that you are thought of when an international opportunity comes along. Also, if there are development points that can help you make the move, it is useful to keep this in mind when you start a course or training.


If you have ambitions to work abroad, chances are you will have to deal with other languages as well. What about your knowledge of foreign languages? English is a must if you want to work for a multinational company. Business relations demand flawless e-mails and fluent phone calls. 

Do you speak a third language? Perfect! Because speaking the language of the people you will be working with immediately breaks down a barrier. This way, you distinguish yourself and build relationships a lot faster. Make sure you highlight this in your CV so that you will have an easier time getting into a company. If you do not speak a third language, it is important to be open to a language course; eagerness to learn is always a good quality. Indicate this to your employer as well. 


Are you ready for your work abroad? Now that you know the pros and cons, have compared your good qualities and know what you can still improve on yourself, it is time to network! Acquaintances are the key to a golden future. 

Most jobs are filled through acquaintances. Tell your family and friends about your ambitions and post on LinkedIn. If you know someone who already works at a multinational company, you can immediately fire off all your questions and find out if it's really for you. Besides, you will immediately have a warm welcome for your job interview! 


When you have found an international company and have been invited for your first job interview, avoiding a mismatch is crucial. Therefore, discuss the following points with your potential employer. At Vibe Group, for example, we have established DNA values by which you can tell if you fit into our international environment.

  • State why you think the company is a good fit for you;
  • Talk about your ambitions to work abroad and your expectations in this regard;
  • Also highlight the areas where you still need support;
  • Discuss not only your current position, but also a possible growth path.

During the first introductory meeting, you can soon find out whether it is a match. 


At Vibe Group, you can work on your international career at 5 locations in 3 different countries. Your journey always starts at our headquarters in Amsterdam where you will experience your onboarding week with all new colleagues. During this onboarding you will receive interesting training from our founders, among others. This gives you the opportunity to meet them in person and ask questions. 


Vibe Group headquarters at the Zuidas - Work in Amsterdam

At Vibe Group, you can work in Amsterdam. This is the head office and sits in the middle of the Zuidas. When you enter our office, the Vibe is immediately tangible. This is where the core values of quality, drive, intelligence, authenticity and fun become tangible. Through the revolving door you step into the prestigious ITO tower, where Vibe Group occupies three floors. At Vibe Group, we apply the dress code 'dress for success': with a confident appearance and professional attire, you are one step closer to success. Welcome to the Vibe! 



Vibe Group Rotterdam - Weena 794

At Vibe Group, you can also work in Rotterdam. This is our new office on the 20th floor near Central Station. 


Vibe Group Antwerp Office

We also have an office in Antwerp, which is located on the famous Graanmarkt, you can walk through it digitally. As you can see, Vibe Group's Antwerp office oozes style and energy. Located right in the city centre, the exterior of the building alone is a feast for the eyes. During the break, you'll have lunch at one of the nice establishments around the Meir and the Grote Markt. Successes are celebrated together and every Friday the week ends with a cosy drink. 



Vibe Group Brussels Blue Tower Louise Avenue

Also in Brussels, Vibe Group has an office in the bustling city centre, on the famous Avenue Louise in the Blue Tower. Take a look around the office here. Here too, the Vibe is palpable: there is a nice atmosphere and the building is fully equipped. There are lots of nice places to walk to during your break and every Friday there is a drink in the wine bar to end the week on a sociable note. There is also a gym in the building that Vibers can use for free, so you can have a great workout in the afternoon. In Brussels, the focus is entirely on Web Development and Testing. 


Vibe Group Germany Muhlenstrasse Düsseldorf

Vibe Group is also in Düsseldorf at an A-location in the city. On Mühlenstrasse we have a cosy office where we work hard to grow in Germany. An example of a colleague who has grown internationally from Amsterdam is Sander Blankendaal, who is now Director Vibe Group Germany. Check out the blog about his development. 


In short: would you like to work in sales with a chance of an international future at a multinational company? Then Vibe Group is looking for you. 

We are constantly looking for ambitious Sales Professionals who want to pull out all the stops to launch an international career. We believe hard work, focus on quality, the right drive and having fun together can offer you a good future. 

Our international organisation was founded in 2011. Currently, we already have 5 branches in 3 different countries: The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. And we are far from finished growing! 

Will you grow with us? See all about working at Vibe Group.