Creating the future



At Vibe Group, we have a mission: 'connecting people to create the future'. We achieve this goal by connecting people and IT for innovation. But we also want to have a positive impact on future generations through our ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) initiatives. Want to know exactly how we do that? Read about it on this page.


Towards net-zero


Impacting lives positively


Ethical integrity and transparency



By 2030, we aim to have net-zero emissions. To help the environment, we are working on:

  • Using renewable energy: All our offices run on 100% renewable energy sources.
  • Investing in energy efficiency: We focus on energy-efficient technologies.
  • Reducing waste: We encourage responsible recycling and promote paperless work processes.
  • Sustainable mobility: We aim for 100% sustainable transport.



We aim to positively impact the lives of 50,000 people by 2030. We achieve this by:

  • Ensuring health and well-being: We aim for a healthy work-life balance.
  • Offering continuous (talent) development, training and further education opportunities: We prepare employees for future challenges.
  • Promoting active involvement in the community: Our teams volunteer in local communities and support non-profit organisations.
  • Embracing diversity, inclusion and equality: We strive to create a diverse and inclusive work environment where everyone is supported and valued and guarantee equal opportunities and rewards.



We pursue sustainable partnerships and openness by:

  • Enforcing a supplier code of conduct: We ensure that our suppliers comply with ethical labour practices.
  • Providing detailed ESG reports for stakeholders: We report consistently and transparently.

Club TalentEmpowerment

Club TalentEmpowerment, founded in 2016 by Laurens Matla and Bertram Veen, 'empowers' more than 45 talented athletes to achieve their ambitions by bridging the gap between sport and business. Since October 2023, Vibe Group and Club TalentEmpowerment have been partners. 

The partnership between Vibe Group and Club TalentEmpowerment sybolises our belief in 'empowering' talent. It shows that the same values are important within Vibe Group as in sport. Think dedication, teamwork and top performance. 

A special aspect of the partnership is the collaboration with Scipio Houtman, a professional sailor with an (Olympic) dream. Vibe Group supports him in pursuing it. 

River Cleanup

River Cleanup is an organisation dedicated to cleaning rivers and waterways to reduce the amount of plastic waste ending up in our oceans. As much as 11 billion kilograms of plastic pollution enters the oceans every year, mainly through rivers. River Cleanup aims to remove this plastic waste before it reaches the oceans. 

At Vibe Group, we share the same values and strive to make a positive impact, both in our work and in the community and environment. Together with our MSTR project students from the Karel de Grote-Hogeschool, in Antwerp, we collected a whopping 159.25 kg of waste. We believe in 'Creating the future' in an environmentally friendly way. 

De Warmste week

'De Warmste Week' is an annual solidarity event in Belgium just before Christmas. People from all over Belgium raise money and organise actions for the 'De Warmste Week fund'.

At Vibe Group, we feel a strong connection with De Warmste Week. We value professional success, but also understand how important it is to support our community. That is why we organise our Christmas market every year to support this charity. Together, we can have a positive impact on society.

E-learning for kids

E-learning for kids helps children get a good education by offering digital lessons all over the world. It was launched in the US in 2004 and in the Netherlands in 2007. E-learning for kids develops teaching materials in the fields of maths, language, physics as well as computer skills and info on health. Lessons are provided in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

Vibe Group supported E-learning for kids because we believe access to quality education is essential for the development of the IT industry and the global community. Our commitment to growth and innovation goes hand in hand with E-learning for kids' aim to provide educational opportunities to children around the world.