10 years of building brands: Spilberg

Vibe Group is an international IT staffing specialist. In 2021, we celebrated the milestone of 10 years of brand building. Together with our four brands, we looked back on this special period. Spilberg has been your partner in finding the best IT Development & Testing specialist for your organisation since 2012.

Our match

What makes us able to match you with the professional your organisation is looking for faster and better than others? We talked to Sander Blankendaal of Spilberg Germany, Ben Frison of Spilberg Belgium and Melanie Kap of Spilberg Netherlands to find out.

Successful way of working and culture

  • We work with people: to build lasting relationships, it is important to remain yourself and make a personal connection.
  • It is vital that we work with the right professionals within Vibe Group and Spilberg, who take responsibility for the tasks at hand.
  • Over the past 10 years, the foundation has been laid and we have built our networks and knowledge. This does not make us sit back now. 
  • Authenticity and integrity are the way to the best result for consultant, candidate and client.

Interesting? Then keep on reading. In this interview with Sander, Ben and Melanie - which took place in 2021 - they share their insights about Spilberg and Vibe Group.

Sander, you joined Spilberg in 2014, then still a startup with the clear goal of staffing IT Developers. Is that right?

"Yes, there was a long way to go then since Spilberg had been started in response to the high demand for software developers in 2012. Spilberg's focus is on specialists who develop and build applications, websites and systems. We focus on the best developers and programmers who write code for software. And these in turn can be divided into two groups: front-end, the visible side for the end user, and back-end, the invisible server side."

What mentality brought Spilberg success in those early years?

"A real start-up mentality that was characterised by the idea 'giving up is not an option'. At that time, the market was different from today. Back then, we had to bring in clients, while now we are much more focused on candidates.

Remember, in 2014 we still had to use phones with cords. These obviously got completely tangled up with non-stop calling, you literally hung up only to pick up again immediately. Mainly because we were in a flow. Because at that time, companies were cautiously starting to invest again after the recession that ended in 2011. 

Sounds like a tough but interesting time! How did you experience it?

"To be honest, I was quite challenged. This really wasn't a 9-to-5 job. Our small team shared an open office with Bernd and Daniel [founders Vibe Group] on Barbara Strozzilaan. Their work ethic as recruiters and business people was really top notch. At 8:15 am, they were the first to arrive and at 8:15 pm, they were the ones who closed the doors. I cannot thank them enough for the example they set by setting the bar high"


Melanie, can you relate to Sander's words?

"Yes, I joined Vibe Group and Spilberg in 2016 and in that short time, both the organisation and I personally have grown a lot. We have gained more facilities, flexibility and space. When I started five years ago, the start-up mentality was still abundant and you were thrown straight into the deep end in a market that didn't really even exist yet. In the meantime, the foundation has been laid. Now - even if you are just starting out - you can work with a network, knowledge and all the data built up over the past 10 years.

This does not mean we can now sit back. The market still demands a lot of authenticity. Because at the end of the day, everyone works in the people business with us. Both clients and candidates have direct contact with you as a person, not with Spilberg as a brand. Closing a deal is only possible if you are real and sincere and invest in relationships with the right intentions."

What is the most important lesson for you after five years at Vibe Group and Spilberg?

"I think your own creativity should not be underestimated. Remember that you have to stand out among more than 1,000 other messages. My personal approach is to create a bond by asking personal questions and communicating clearly to the client or candidate: 'I will stand next to you, listen carefully to what you want. You are in control, and I will try to steer things in the right direction for you.'

I always focus on the person rather than the vacancy, and ask questions based on the research I have done on the person's background. Let it be very clear that we are not CV-pushing recruiters. We completely go for the best advice and guidance throughout the process."

How do you see us as Vibe Group and Spilberg creating the future?

"If we continue to strictly monitor the quality of our sales consultants, we can outperform any competition and become the biggest anywhere. Our vision, strategy and approach are simply dominant. But then we have to remain vigilant that our growth does not cause us to overlook things. Especially when it comes to our employees.

If the consultants are in good shape, we can continue to grow and the possibilities seem endless, as we can also rely on the expertise of other departments such as L&D and Marketing."


Ben Frison, is there anything you would like to add?

"First of all, I would like to stress the importance of working with the right professionals, who take responsibility for the tasks at hand. This is of course what we promise our clients, but within Vibe Group - and thus Spilberg - it is just as crucial. I started at Spilberg in April 2017 in Antwerp, Belgium, in a small office space with only two people in my team. Within five months, we moved to our second location at Graanmarkt [in 2023, Vibe Group Antwerp will move to Leopoldplaats] and were able to hire more recruiters. Ultimately, these turned out to stagnate the overall growth of our team because we did not say goodbye in time to recruiters who could not meet expectations or did not give their best. This slowed down progress.

Getting the right people on board is difficult and crucial. Of course, our success story is great, we have a super cool office with great people, but without team Talent Acquisition, most of us would not be working here and there would be no new recruiters. You can say that Vibe Group as a company, and Spilberg as a brand, is nothing without the right employees."

In conclusion, what do you think will be crucial for the next 10 years?

"I think we must not lose sight of personal relationships, even as we grow. Everything we communicate should be from a human perspective. So not too formal or static. Don't overdo it, stay down-to-earth, keep it human and offer added value. It is still a people business, and we should not lose sight of the fact that candidates or clients want to talk to a human being. Instead of talking to Spilberg, they want to talk to a Sander or a Melanie, because then it gets personal and stays personal."

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