Vibe Group Experiences - Steffanie van den Bos success story

Steffanie van den Bos shows how a consultant at Vibe Group can create their own business. Read her vision on training on the job

Vibe Drive

Connecting the right professionals to the right organisations: that is our passion. We can only do that if we also have highly skilled and driven people who are immersed in the IT niche markets and know how to best serve clients and professionals. People like Steffanie van den Bos, Business Manager. ‘It’s very important to me as a manager to have a common goal that we’re all working towards. That keeps a team’s drive and energy high.’

Entrepreneurial spirit

Steffanie studied at Akademie Vogue in Amsterdam and founded her own fashion label with a friend after graduation. That entrepreneurship is something that all Vibers have in common: always wanting a little more than everyone else and creating their own opportunities. At Vibe Group, we work according to the principle of ‘knowing a lot about a little’. That means your niche is your responsibility and, in a sense, your own business within the company. It isn’t surprising that Steffanie was ‘scouted’ by none other than one of Vibe Group’s co-founders, Bernd van Baars. Her entrepreneurship attracted attention. She is currently Business Manager, leading several Spilberg and Eswelt managers. ‘The power of a good manager is in their humanity. When you allow yourself to be vulnerable and make connections – with your own team and with the professionals and organisations you have contact with – that pays off.’

Lifelong learning

Good coaching and continuous training are essential to understand market needs and get to know the niches inside and out. ‘That’s what attracted me most to Vibe Group: the Learning & Development opportunities and the clearly defined career paths,’ Steffanie explains. ‘Lifelong learning is not an empty promise here; it actually comes true. This has enabled me to develop into a true specialist and manager in recent years.’She also fully identifies with the core values of Vibe Group: intelligence, quality, fun, authenticity and drive. ‘Drive is at the top of the list for me. Nothing comes naturally, but everything is possible if you work hard enough for it.’

Dietske Koolhaas - Manager Talent Acquisition
Dietske Koolhaas - Head of Campus Recruitment

Equal opportunities

Authenticity is also extremely important to Steffanie, in no small part because she is a woman working in a world that is overwhelmingly dominated by men. ‘As a woman, it’s essential to remain true to yourself. Make yourself vulnerable as a manager, be critical of your own behaviour from time to time, and keep developing yourself continuously, and you will get there. I think it’s great to see that more and more women are rising to the top at Vibe: everyone really gets equal opportunities.’

Triple focus

At Vibe, we believe in knowing more about less. With the right knowledge, you can go further in your career. Check out our "Working at Vibe" page to learn more about our company culture and how we facilitate the growth of our new colleagues.