Vibe Group experiences Nienke van Ravenzwaaij

In this blog, you will read how Nienke van Ravenzwaaij, Manager HR Business Services experiences working at Vibe Group HQ.  

Taking the floor

Nienke is 29 years old and has been working at our headquarters in Amsterdam since 2019. Nienke was recently voted 'most valuable player HQ 2023'. She talks about her job and growing from officer to manager. About the influence of her own work and that of other HQ roles on the sales organisation's success, and shares her vision for the future at Vibe Group. 

The experience of

Nienke van Ravenzwaaij

'If you enjoy working at an organisation where you can really make a difference to the business, I think an HQ position within Vibe Group is ideal. Because at every level you can contribute to how efficiently and successfully the business runs.'

HR Business Services in short

Together with her team, Nienke is responsible for managing all HR aspects for IT professionals seconded to organisations through one of the niche brands. 'When a sales consultant signs an agreement on secondment, my team gets to work drafting employment and client contracts. We put all the details in the system and ensure proper onboarding. We then manage the ongoing business for these employees, including salary payments, leave requests and sickness support. And when the seconded person leaves our service, we ensure a proper offboarding.' 

Nienke’s growth story

'I started at Vibe Group as an HR Officer. Over the years, my managers kept asking: what is your next step, where do you want to grow towards? That's how I grew from HR Officer to HR Advisor. And with more professional knowledge and experience under my belt, I then took the step to HR Manager within the Business Services department in June 2022. Now I manage four colleagues and very much enjoy it.’ 
'That's what I think is cool at Vibe. And I often say the same to (potential) new employees at introductory moments. As long as you continuously express where your challenge lies, what you want to achieve, what your next step is, then Vibe Group is really willing to think along with you. Do you show initiative? Then you'll get the support you need.' 

An average day at Vibe Group

'I like structure. Everything that can be planned ahead is already planned far ahead in our schedule. These are mainly all the appointments with my team. Like our weekly meetings, performance reviews, PDP meetings, etc. Also a regular item on my team's agenda: getting coffee together at 10:00. A time to catch up, hear what's going on at home and at work, so we can help and unburden each other when needed.' 

‘It is also important to be flexible. We work closely with Sales and are expected to respond and act quickly. We are basically their sparring partners. On a typical day, they come to us with questions about details of contracts, or about specific conditions of the client that need to be included to be able to close an agreement.' 

'Our team also works on departmental initiatives. In these projects, we incrementally review and improve processes and documents. The goal? Working more efficiently and optimising communication towards Sales and secondees. In order for them to better understand how to approach certain matters. Or know what they are entitled to.' 

What makes working at Vibe Group unique

What makes working at Vibe Group unique

'Hierarchy is obviously there, but not palpable. The atmosphere is open and informal. I really like how approachable everyone is. I never feel I can't approach someone for something. No matter how big or small the question is, I can ask anyone at any time. My opinion is valued and taken seriously. You are definitely not a number. I think that is quite unique for an organisation that is now located in three countries, with almost 400 employees. I love that we created that atmosphere together!' 

Shaping your role

'You may have a preconception of what work in a particular HQ function can be like. The image I had of an HR department and the people who worked there was 'somewhat stuffy and boring'. That is definitely not the case at Vibe Group. My advice: just come and see for yourself what it's like here. Whereas roles and responsibilities are often rigidly defined at other organisations, I believe the way roles are filled here isn't always so standard. I won't say you can create your very own job here at HQ, but you do have the opportunity to shape your role in your own way.' 

The future at Vibe Group

Direct impact

'The approachability, the colleagues, and the work make me feel right at home here. What I do with my team has a direct impact on the success of the organisation. That gives me a buzz. Sales relies on our knowledge, advice, and assistance to drive deals to success. In a standard HR role, you naturally contribute to the organisation, but your direct impact on achieving organisational goals is less tangible.’


'Vibe is growing. However, it's not the intention for my team to eventually consist of 100 people. So, over the past year, we've collaborated extensively with teams such as Learning & Development. We share who we are and what we know during the onboarding of sales consultants, in follow-up training sessions, and digitally through the L&D platform. This should result in fewer queries, enabling us to accomplish more together.'


'I would love the opportunity to go international. Currently, we provide HR Business Services for the seconded professionals in the Dutch market. If, for instance, secondment at Vibe Group Germany would suddenly take off, I would be very excited to facilitate that as well. It would be a challenge, as there are, of course, different laws and regulations there. For me personally, it would broaden my role and provide an opportunity for further development.’

Most Valuable Player HQ 2023

At the End of Year Gala, Nienke was named the 'Most Valuable Player HQ 2023' of Vibe Group. It's a tremendous honour, of course! Something I never expected at all. It's proof that HQ is recognized within the organisation. "This person is deeply connected to our candidates and the frontline of our business. She constantly seeks to understand and serve the needs of consultants and candidates, focusing on direct engagement and feedback." Being that bridge between candidates and sales consultants. Serving as a sparring partner for them and the rest of the organisation. That is also what I strive to be. And what I want to convey together with my team. It's really great that this is visible, and then to receive recognition for it as well. 

Your next step?

This was Nienke’s growth story at Vibe Group... Will you be next? See the opportunities.