What is persuasiveness?

Persuasiveness is the quality we look for during job interviews. Is the job candidate naturally persuasive? Or do they at least show potential to be?
“Persuasiveness is the ability to convince others of a particular point of view for the purpose of getting them to accept certain plans, ideas or products.”

From definition to action

This definition sounds straightforward enough. But what does persuasiveness really mean in our line of work? We believe that it’s actually at the core of being a good consultant. But why? The power of persuasion enables you to put yourself in your target group’s shoes and translate their needs into arguments that support your opinion. You are ambitious, inspiring and good at drawing your target group’s attention to the benefits.

For recruitment consultants, persuasiveness means having the ability to convince both candidates and clients of the value we add. You have to keep in mind that recruiters don’t have the best reputation in some industries. So, it’s important to start by showing that you’re more than just a “CV pusher”. Plus, as a professional, sometimes you can see there’s a match before the client and the candidate realise it. And this is another situation that calls for a lot of persuasiveness. Remember that you are the expert here. You make matches that work. And that’s why clients and candidates trust you.


The power of persuasion is an important skill in our profession. Many people are simply persuasive by nature. But the good news is that anyone can improve their persuasion skills. A power tool for improving your persuasiveness is Cialdini’s 6 Principles of Persuasion. These principles were originally developed for marketing, but have since been used in many different areas.

When you give someone something, it’s in their nature to want to give something back. You can use this to your advantage when you want to influence someone. If you’re selling a product, for example, you can start by offering a free sample. But in a profession like talent acquisition, that’s a bit trickier. So, what’s the ‘free’ gift that you can offer your clients and candidates? It’s your consulting expertise. That’s why our consultants are not only experts when it comes to recruiting, they’re also experts within their IT niche.

As humans, we seek stability (consistency) in our lives and don’t like to stray from choices we’ve made in the past (commitment). That’s why we often have clear preferences for familiar brands and products. As a consultant, you can use this principle to your advantage as well. Instead of just contacting candidates and clients when you need something from them, strive to become a constant force in the market. Offering friendly, free advice is a great way to build consistent, long-term relationships. And as soon as they actually need one of your services, you’ll be at the top of their mind. That’s because they already know you and feel that they can trust you.

We are social beings. Many of our decisions are based on what other people have already decided. Use this principle to your advantage in conversations by referring to other similar cases that you’ve helped with in the past.

Expertise and experience are important, but there are other factors that influence a candidate’s or client’s decision making. How well they like you is every bit as important. That’s why you’ve got to up the likability factor if you want to make an impact as a recruitment consultant. Your likability goes hand in hand with the other principles mentioned above, especially social proof, commitment and consistency. So, if you have a good click with a client or candidate, be sure to ask them to recommend you on LinkedIn, and make an effort to keep connected with them yourself, whether it’s online or offline.

People are more likely to accept your recommendations when they see you as an authority. That’s why it’s so important for you as a consultant to become an expert in the field of recruitment as well as in the IT niche you’re working in.

Whenever something is harder to find, it makes people want it even more. For us, that means giving our clients and candidates the kind of attentive service and advice that is rare in our industry. When we add true, one-of-a-kind value, we’ll keep people coming back for more.What about you? Whether you’re naturally persuasive or still mastering your persuasion skills, it’s always wise to continue building your skills. 

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