Non-Executive Chairman: Steven Quinn

Effective September 1st, 2023, Steven Quinn will serve as Non-Executive Chairman of our Board of Directors. Quinn, who has been involved with Vibe Group in an advisory capacity for several years, will further intensify his engagement within the group.

Independent strategic vision

As Non-Executive Chairman, Quinn will work closely with the Board of Directors: Bernd van Baars (Founder), Daniel Visser (Founder), Mennold Leijerzapf (CEO) and Johan Bogaard (CFO). This direct involvement is considered invaluable for shaping the strategic direction and decision-making processes within Vibe Group.

The experience of

Mennold Leijerzapf

“Steven Quinn has been an exceptionally valuable force for some time now. His extensive experience and strategic insight will help Vibe Group and the board to the next level.”

The experience of

Steven Quinn

“I am very excited. This allows me to bring a fresh perspective to help the leadership team shape the future of this innovative and successful organisation."