Overwhelmed with applying?

Are you a young professional just starting your exciting journey in the job market? Do you feel overwhelmed by the many choices and opportunities in front of you, and do not yet know exactly which path you want to take? Then the open application is a valuable tool to increase your job prospects and find your way in the professional world. Let’s take a closer look at what an open application is and why it could be an excellent move for you.

What is an open application?

An open application is an application you send to an employer without a specific vacancy being advertised. Instead of applying for an existing position, you express your interest in working for the company and leave your CV and motivation.

Why send an open job application?

This gives employers a chance to consider you for future positions that might fit your profile. With a catchy open cover letter, you have a good chance of finding a new job. Experience shows that about 20% of open positions are filled this way. Open letters of application are also a good tool for finding internships.

1. Exploration of possibilities

An open application allows you to introduce yourself to different companies, even if they don't have vacancies that match your current skills or background. It opens the door to opportunities you might not otherwise have considered.

2. Showing initiative

An open application shows that you are proactive and take initiative. This is often appreciated by employers as it shows that you are enthusiastic about working for their company. Employers like people who are not afraid to go the extra mile.

3. Build network

Even if an open application does not lead directly to a job, it often provides valuable contacts and networking opportunities. It can put you in touch with people who can help you in your search for the right career.

4. Supplement visible vacancies

Sometimes a company has not yet posted a vacancy for a position that may become available in the near future. Your open application will then be considered for these positions.

5. Access to hidden job market

Not all jobs are advertised publicly. Many vacancies are filled internally or through recommendations. An open application can be your access to this hidden job market. Companies may be impressed by your initiative and potential, even creating a position for you.

Explore your options

It is important to be open to different career opportunities and give yourself the chance to grow. Although you are not guaranteed an outcome, an open application can be a valuable step on your path to a successful career. Take the plunge and explore the many opportunities the job market has to offer.

Sales Consultant at Vibe Group: the right step?

Sales Consultant at Vibe Group: the right step?

We know very well how overwhelming it is to not yet know exactly which path you want to take. If you like working with people, enjoy achieving goals and are looking for a dynamic work environment, a job as a Sales Consultant is an excellent option. In a few years at Vibe Group, you will get more out of your work than anywhere else. As a Sales Consultant, you will get the chance to develop yourself through numerous training programs. You will learn how to build lasting relationships and really make a difference.