End of Year Party Vibes

Every year, with all of Vibe Group, we end the year with a bang. With a spectacular party at a unique location, we look back at the successes we have achieved that year.


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Creating the Future Gala 2023

On Friday 15th of December, the Creating the Future Gala took place at the Theater Amsterdam, a special location overlooking the Houthavens. 400 Vibers from Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Brussels and Düsseldorf gathered to close 2023 together. With a blue carpet, sensational award show, delicious food and a banging party, we celebrated the end of the year.

Creating the Future Gala: honouring 2023's success

With the Creating the Future Gala, we celebrate the successes and achievements of the past year. We kiiken back with pride on what we all achieved. 2023 was another year of tremendous growth and prosperity, but also of reflection. During the award show and impressive award ceremony, among others, Vibe Group's Most Valuable Players were named. All employees were also addressed and thanked for their exceptional efforts. For their Quality, Drive, Intelligence, Authenticity and Fun. It is everyone's unique Vibe and winner's mentality that make Vibe Group make impossible goals a reality every year. 

Successful highlights 

2023 was a year full of great highlights. Despite a challenging market, we built stronger foundations, grew our Vibe Group and continued to break records.- With the launch of our new Learning Management System, VibeCadamy, we took our training and development opportunities to an even higher level. Thanks to our talented Head Quarters, we have successfully delivered several high-quality projects. Last but not least, everyone's hard work and efforts have led us to open our brand new and authentic offices in Antwerp, Düsseldorf and Rotterdam, expanding our capabilities and Vibe even further.

A look at the future for Vibe Group

Full of optimism, we now look ahead to what the coming year has to offer, with the conviction that the unique Vibe and winner's mentality of our employees will once again bring us great successes. In the coming year, we want to continue being the number one leading IT staffing and consulting organisation. Together, we will continue to build a future full of growth, innovation and success for Vibe Group.

Impression of 2022

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End of Year 2022

On Friday 16th of December 2022, the party of all parties took place: our End-of-Year Celebration. Some 370 employees gathered in the Amsterdam hot spot the 'Passenger Terminal Amsterdam'.

Successful year

At Vibe, we are proud of what we have all achieved over the past year. A year of tremendous growth and prosperity. The End-of- Year Celebration was there to thank all employees. For their Quality, Drive, Intelligence, Authenticity and Fun. It is their winner's mentality and unique attitude 'the Vibe' that ensured another successful year in which we made the impossible possible.

Spectacular award show

Everything was brought to the table to celebrate this Vibe. A spectacular award show highlighted the many exceptional achievements and talents of our 'Vibers'. The dinner that followed was also 'price winning' and the party -complete with light show- continued until the late hours.

Reflecting Forward

But there was also time to look ahead; the theme was Reflecting Forward for a reason. Besides looking at our own future and the future of IT, we also reflected on the future of others. For instance, instead of our annual gift to clients, Vibe Group has chosen to make a nice donation on their behalf. We hereby support E-learning for kids, a non-profit organisation that provides free high-quality education to children all over the world. All employees also had the opportunity to (partially) donate their own end-of-year gift.
It was a successful evening and a successful end of 2022.

Join the party Vibes? 

Would you like to be there next year? We have several vacancies.