8 Tips for digital interviews

By: Nikita Stegeman

Although I prefer an interview where you can shake hands, digital interviews are part of reality today: sometimes it just works out better. In my position at Vibe Group, too, I make use of this when it is not otherwise possible.


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Some tips for a digital interview. By the way, these apply to any digital meeting, whether with a colleague, a prospect or a customer.

  • The app
    There are several apps and programmes for online meetings. Make sure you have the right one for the conversation you are about to have. Create an account (if necessary) AND use a professional photo. After all, this is the first thing your interviewer will see on screen.

  • Test! 
    You now know which app or programme the conversation will take place with, you have created an account and you have a profile picture. If you haven't used the programme before, test your picture and sound before the call! Call a friend, for example. Check whether you can be understood and whether you can hear the other person clearly. Using earplugs with a microphone can help.

  • Licht & Space
    Make sure you are in a well-lit room, preferably with natural daylight. You are at your best in the picture when this light comes from the front. Sit in a quiet place and tidy up around you. This will give you more peace of mind, because a tidy house makes your head look tidier and more professional.

  • Handsfree
    Call hands-free, e.g. via your laptop or place your phone in a tripod. On screen there is a chance that you come across as more static, part of your personality is lost in a digital meeting. By conducting the meeting hands-free, you come across more naturally, you can communicate nonverbally and take notes if necessary.

  • Be on time
    Even with a digital job interview from home, you can be late. Make sure you are ready on time. Preferably already with a cup of coffee/tea or glass of water

  • Mute
    Put everything on mute, except of course your meeting. Avoid distractions, that way you won't be disturbed during the meeting.

  • Clothing
    You're probably only half in the picture, but sitting down in your sweatpants, I advise against it! After all, clothes literally make the man, or the woman; even if you don't see the clothes. In a suit or neat denim, you instantly feel more confident and professional. And it is safe, you will always find that the moment you carry on your conversation in sweatpants, you unexpectedly have to stand up.

    Don't choose clothes with busy prints or fine lines, this will optically move on the image. It would be a shame if your clothes distract from your presentation.

  • Concluding
    Thank him/her for his/her time and ask when you can expect feedback.