Ten Miles in Antwerp

Vibe Group sprints to success

On April 23rd, an enthusiastic group of IT Sales Consultants from the Netherlands and Belgium took part in the Ten Miles run in Antwerp. At Vibe Group, we believe in spreading positivity and finding fun ways to stay fit. Sporting events like this bring a lot of joy to our 'Vibers'.

Moreover, the Ten Miles was a fantastic opportunity to celebrate our brand new office in the National Bank of Antwerp.

Fit for the job

For Arthur Vandezande, an IT Sales Consultant from Brussels, the Ten Miles marked a first in long-distance running.

"I had heard many positive stories from people who ran the Ten Miles with Vibe Group last year. This, together with the idea of a new sports goal, motivated me to participate. Despite the bad weather and persistent rain, this did not affect the positive atmosphere at all! All of Antwerp was celebrating and cheering; the cheers from the crowd and the rousing music gave me extra motivation and quickened my pace. The day ended with a few drinks, pizza and good Vibes with our colleagues. I would so do it again next year!"

"I love that Vibe Group provides us with these opportunities through our 'Vitality Vibes' program. It allows us to keep fit and challenge ourselves in a fun way. This fits perfectly with our winner's mentality and our drive, in this case literally, to always go the extra mile."

Also up for a new challenge?

Does our unique Vibe attract you and are you someone who likes to challenge themselves? We're always looking for people who want to give that extra bit to achieve their goals. Join us and discover what challenges we can take on together!