Working in sales at Vibe Group

As a Sales Consultant at Vibe Group, you will ensure the optimal match between IT professionals and organizations.

We offer

Training, on-the-job coaching and growth paths. We provide everything needed to further develop your skills in sales, recruitment and IT. Because your success is success for all of us. And with our unlimited bonus structure, you are generously rewarded. 


The experience of

Sales colleague Britt

"Vibers want to make each other better and help each other to the next level. Of course, you do it mostly by yourself but not alone. You need colleagues to perform better yourself."

Working together with it proffessionals

Working together with it proffessionals

"The impact of IT on the development of the world is enormous. And the fact that Vibe Group plays a significant role in this by placing IT professionals is something I love to be able to contribute to."

Working in sales is something you do together with partners

"One of the largest chip technology companies in the world was undergoing a major migration project. Worldwide, there are only 150 people who have expertise of this specific technology. After an intensive search, I found a freelancer who was perfect for the assignment but lived in Germany. After good communication, I was able to convince him to relocate to the Netherlands. These successes motivate me in my work and secretly also give me a thrill."

Incentives - from bonus to epic trips

At Vibe Group, we go full throttle for your success. And you will be rewarded for it. Generously. Your achievements are celebrated with passion. Hit your monthly targets? You will have lunch at a Michelin-starred restaurant during our lunch club. And twice a year, the top performers experience an epic incentive trip abroad. How does Iceland sound? Dubai? Lapland? Or South Africa? We'll take you there! Take it from us: you'll still be talking about this with your colleagues for years to come.


Do you make the right match? Benefit from our unlimited bonus structure.


Are you among the top performers? You will be treated to an unforgettable experience.


Achieving your targets? Then promotion is your next step.

Always developing at Vibe Group

Always developing at Vibe Group

For Sales Consultants, the Welcome to Vibe Week is the kick-off for the Impact Journey. An intensive 6-month training program that fully prepares you for success in sales and recruitment. Even after that period, you will continue to develop and our expert in-house Learning & Development team closely follows your progress. They offer you numerous tailor-made learning and development paths to ensure your personal growth. Wherever you are in your career. Learn. Be challenged. Grow.

Explore the L&D levels

Level 01 Foundation

The foundation for your success. During the Impact Journey you will learn everything you need to know to do your job well.

Level 02

Further sharpening your knowledge and skills provides you an tremendous career boost!

Level 03 Advanced

Your progress to senior and executive levels. You will be challenged to elevate the organization to a higher level.