Experiences of Viber Hoang Phi Vu

How Sales Consultant Phi realised the 10,000th match at Vibe Group

Phi has been a Sales Consultant at Spilberg Germany, part of Vibe Group, for a year now. From Düsseldorf, he places Java specialists in his region; Cologne, Bonn and Aachen.

From newcomer to success story

Successfully, Hoang Phi Vu, Sales Consultant at Vibe Group, paired an IT professional with a German FinTech company. To Phi’s surprise, this match turned out to be the 10,000th placement for Vibe Group. Phi is convinced that the success of this placement comes from the good development opportunities for Sales Consultants at Vibe Group. “I could not have made this match without the good coaching, the many training sessions and my passionate team,” he says. 

Flying start

The secret behind his success, according to Phi, is the flying start he made at Vibe Group. His career started with an introductory week at the head office in Amsterdam. “I received a warm welcome on my first day. Vibe Group’s two founders, Bernd van Baars and Daniël Visser, met everyone personally. During the week, they told me all kinds of things about Vibe Group’s DNA and the sales profession. It helped me to quickly find my place within the organisation.”

Clear goals and personal guidance

After the ‘Welcome to Vibe week’, Phi received various training courses, including pitching, dealing with clients and LinkedIn training. He also attended courses on how to ask the right question, find client needs and how recruitment software works. Naturally, he started working on his personal goals.

In this way, Phi was able to make successful matches quickly. To boost Phi’s development, he receives a lot of personal coaching. Every month, he discusses his personal growth with his manager.

The experience of

Hoang Phi Vu

"Vibe Group’s two founders met everyone personally. It helped me to quickly find my place within the organisation."

The experience of

Hoang Phi Vu

“My first goal was to network with Java Developers. After that, client-side acquisition started."

The experience of

Hoang Phi Vu

"Because I successfully achieved my targets, I'm invited to join a special incentive trip to Istanbul."

Endless development opportunities

Soon, Phi gets to choose which career path he will follow. At Vibe Group, there is a choice between the ‘account management route’ that trains you to become an expert consultant in a specific IT field and key account manager or the ‘management route’ that prepares you for a career as a manager of a team or unit. “Ultimately, I want to write my own success story at Vibe Group. When the time comes, I want to build my own team and give them the opportunities that I also got,” Phi said. Posting the 10,000th candidate is already a step in the right direction.

A good balance

At Vibe Group, there is a good balance between putting shoulders to the wheel and celebrating successes. It is important to reward Vibers for their hard work.

‘Vibers’ are also well looked after during working days. Drinking a fresh smoothie every working day or exercising at an exclusive gym during working hours? It’s possible! Then the week ends with the legendary Friday Drinks.

I would definitely recommend this work to others

Asked whether Phi would recommend other young professionals to also get started as a Sales Consultant at Vibe Group, he responds enthusiastically. “Yes, definitely! I think it’s a big plus how we always motivate each other. Together we work hard to achieve our goals. Moreover, Vibe Group Germany is still in the scale-up phase and there is a lot of potential”.

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