We share a passion

Working at Vibe Group means getting the best out of yourself.

While having fun, of course. Plus, impacting the careers of IT professionals and the success of organizations every day. Whether you work for one of our niche brands or at Vibe’s headquarter. We all have the same purpose: creating the future. Your own and that of others.

Energy & drive

Lifelong Learning

Are you ready for your impact journey at Vibe Group? Your impact journey begins the day you start working at Vibe Group. This is an intensive seven-month training programme, consisting of 20 different workshops and training sessions that get you up to speed on our best practices.

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Feeling the Vibe

The name says it all: at Vibe Group we love energy. And that is needed because we work hard. The IT labor market is tight and IT professionals are scarce. With our ‘Vibe’ we build relationships and we turn opportunities into success.

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The perks of being a Viber

Besides working on your personal development, we also believe it’s important to stay fit and healthy. At Vibe Group, we support our employees to pursue a healthy lifestyle by offering gym memberships, smoothies, yoga and many more.


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