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Natalie van Moorsel Relations Manager

Our Strategy

Connecting the right people with each other to build careers and grow organisations. Making the IT labour market accessible to a bigger audience and providing the IT sector with the best people to spark innovation and achieve lasting success. Connecting people to create futures. That is our mission.

Leading the way

The future of work

Digitalisation and the impacts of the Fourth Industrial Revolution are reshaping the future of work. The digital transformation within companies has been accelerated even further since the start of the global COVID pandemic. More than ever, organisations are focusing on implementing and using new technologies. And on harnessing the power of data and exploring innovative business trends including new, tech-driven approaches to leadership and professional enrichment. At Vibe Group, we consult our clients and other stakeholders on all the latest developments in the market. We offer bespoke staffing & consulting solutions to support and accelerate development within organisations.

Social Responsibility

Sustainable Development Goal 8 (SDG) focuses on establishing sustainable, inclusive economic growth with dignified employment opportunities for all. As one of the largest IT staffing & consulting organisations we work in a sector that can bring innovation, growth and sustainability to a rapidly changing world. We consider it a noble ambition to help achieve this target which has been set by the United Nations. In everything that we do, we focus on making the IT labour market accessible to a bigger audience, while also ensuring that we provide a diverse, inclusive working environment to our own staff members.

We believe in the power of focus and super specialisation.

Each of our four brands focuses on a niche within the IT sector. Our specialised consultants each work on the regional level for a single brand and within a single area of expertise. They also focus exclusively on one type of service.

This makes them true insiders in their fields, and they know how to communicate with our clients as well as our IT professionals. The key to our successful approach is: do one thing, but do it right.

1500 IT Professionals
400 Employees
5 Offices
34 Specialisms

At Vibe Group we learn, improve and innovate.

We want to make sure that our solid performance today will be an excellent performance tomorrow. We are eager to deliver a top performance with skill and dedication. If everything is good, we go for the best. We always look beyond. We challenge the market, the competition and we challenge ourselves. With respect. It helps us to stay sharp and ahead. Vibe Group will grow bigger, but we promise to always keep the spirit of a challenger. Being the biggest is not what counts most. What matters is to be a leader, the one to copy and to beat. The one that makes a difference.

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