Our staffing solutions connect highly qualified IT professionals with our client organisations on a temporary, flex or permanent basis. We build lasting relationships with our clients and IT professionals so we can quickly find candidates who are the best match for the job and for each company’s culture. Vibe Group maintains a large network of specialised IT professionals that are immediatley available for a new job.


Our consulting solutions provide organisations with an opportunity to bring highly qualified, experienced IT professionals on board to create maximum added value without entering into an employer-employee relationship. All of the IT professionals are employed by Vibe Group and they receive continual education and training. They have a track record of success and are ready to get started with your organisation right away.

Employer brand consultancy

The IT job market is getting tighter. Attracting and retaining highly qualified IT professionals is a top priority for many organisations around the world. Benefit from our 10 years of experience and our in-depth understanding of the IT job market and how to communicate within it. Let us consult you on how to boost your employer brand and attract the right IT-professionals through a successful recruitment strategy.

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