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Staffing and Consulting done differently

Vibe Group offers a full-service high-end IT staffing and consulting service for organisations of all sizes within any sector. Our work is based on specialist knowledge about the IT market, on data, customer experience, personal talent, common sense and, perhaps most important of all: we always work at a high level of energy and drive.


Our consulting solutions provide organisations with an opportunity to bring highly skilled, experienced IT professionals on board to create maximum added value, without entering into an employer-employee relationship. All of the IT professionals are employed by Vibe Group and they receive continual education and training. They have a track record of success and are ready to get started with your organisation right away.

IT Staffing

We connect highly skilled IT professionals with organisations on a temporary or permanent basis, or a unique custom-made mixture of both. We build lasting relationships with our clients and IT professionals so we can quickly find the best match for the job and for each organisation’s culture. Vibe Group maintains a high-quality network of highly skilled IT professionals that are immediately available for a new job.


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