Report complaints and abuses

Where people work, mistakes can be made, unfortunately we cannot always prevent this. But by taking disputes and complaints seriously and seeing them as an opportunity to improve, we continue to work on optimizing our services and cooperation.

Aggression, unwanted behaviour, fraud, conflict of interest and violation of employment conditions. These are just a few examples of reasons to file a complaint. But different forms of discrimination can also be a reason to want to file a report. Vibe Group has a Code of Conduct that encourages our employees, customers and associates to act professionally and decently.

Still have a complaint, misunderstanding or problem?

Your Vibe Group contact person is committed to finding – in mutual consultation – a solution that does justice to the interest of all parties involved.

Can’t figure it out together? Then there are the following options:

Report a complaint

You can report a problem, complaint or difference of opinion via the ‘Report a complaint’ button.

  • Reported complaints are forwarded to the Center of Excellence of Vibe Group. This Central reporting point registers these complaints and supervises their handling.
Report a complaint

Confidential advisor

You can contact our confidential advisor if you need to speak to someone from Vibe Group in a safe and confidential environment and want to discuss what you cannot or do not want to communicate via the regular complaint form.

Contact confidential advisor

Reporting a data breach

A data breach is a situation in which you or someone else has unintentional access to personal data that is not intended for you or that other person.

If you have been confronted with a (suspected) data breach, we request that you report this to our Privacy Officer as soon as possible.

Report a data breach