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Vibe Group is evolving: Introducing our new brand identity

We are proud to have launched our new brand identity. Until now, Vibe Group remained in the background as the driving force behind our niche brands Visser & Van Baars, Spilberg, Eswelt and Tergos. But our business has grown and evolved over the years. Now, it’s time for a new brand identity—an identity that clearly shows Vibe Group as a collective of IT niche brands committed to creating the future of IT by doing things differently.

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So, what’s new?

Our new brand identity includes new logos, colours and photography for all our brands. It expresses more clearly the power and energy that defines us. We maintain our specialist niche focus to truly connect with our audiences. On top of that, our new identity strongly reflects:

  • Our tech nature: leaving no doubt Vibe focuses on the tech market.
  • Our professionalism: the ability to deliver better, smarter, faster and more qualitative services based on in-depth IT-niche knowledge.
  • Our true mindset: the attitude of turning the impossible into possible, striving to make a difference.
  • The interconnectedness of the Vibe brands: pointing to the client’s advantage of dealing with a single supplier that addresses all IT staffing and consulting needs through its various niche brands.

A new look

Our new identity includes a brand-new visual identity, containing the following elements:

  • ‘The wing’: The five stripes in the corporate and niche logos, derived from the letter V and symbolising the 5 forces (corporate and niche brands) that drive the dynamics of our organisation.
  • Colour palette: a colour palette that reflects the energy of our brands.
  • Photography: Vibe stands for authenticity. Our new imagery is uniquely created for our brands. The people portrayed in it are real people at the core of the business: IT professionals, Vibe consultants and Vibe Staff employees.
Vibe Group logo explanation
Vibe group colours rebranding
Vibe group typography Aeonik font
brand photography

Want to know more?

For more information on our new brand identity, contact Maaike Goes, Manager Marketing Communication & Brand,

The new set of logos is designed by Studio Dumbar. Brand photography, brand copy, and video are created by Flirt Creativity. All communication materials are designed in-house in collaboration with MAS Brand Being.

Our new brand identity applies to all brands. Curious to find out what that looks like? Check out these websites:

Our brands