Vibe Group story: Paul Wilkens

This year we celebrate our anniversary with 10 years of building brands. A milestone that inspires us to reflect on our past, appreciate our present and take a sneak peek into our future at Vibe Group.

Where Philip Meijer directly chose the career path ‘Management’, Paul has known several career paths. From research consultant, lead consultant, to top performer of 2017, after which he ultimately opted for more freedom in his work and therefore chose to be a Principal Consultant. And all this in 6 years. This is Paul’s story.

Imagine: you have just completed your study, you have no work experience outside your internships and you have just returned from six months living abroad. You’re ready to start your career! But what are you going to do? Paul was faced with this choice 6 years ago. He never thought about working for a staffing company, until his interview at Vibe Group. Two weeks after Paul graduated for his studies in Commercial Economy, he started as the very first Resource Consultant at Visser & van Baars.

Did he find it difficult in the beginning to start without experience? No! According to Paul, it is not necessary at all to have directly relevant work experience. Anyone who works hard and has a passion for sales can work as a Consultant. Paul: ‘’Many people think that staffing is HR, in our case it isn’t. People with a commercial or marketing education are good consultants as well’’. The advantage of working without or a little experience according to Paul is because of the intensive, tailor-made training program. Paul: “There is a special Learning & Development team that trains you from day one. And that is paying off: I see a real difference between employees before and after training when they apply what they have learned. Furthermore, you also start with a gigantic network and, if you ever leave, you will also leave with a gigantic network.’’

Paul started as a Research Consultant, looking for candidates for a specific role. Paul: “The first year is the year in which you learn everything, get to know your own niche market and start networking.” After half a year of hard work, Paul made the promotion to Consultant. Then, in addition to looking for candidates, he was also allowed to look for vacancies and assignments. Paul: “From that moment on, I felt really responsible for my own market. Because of our way of working with the triple niche focus, as a Consultant you are a specialist within your own niche and region. For both clients and candidates. It feels like I am my own company within Vibe Group run. “

Paul continued his career as a Team Manager, leading a team of Consultants. Unfortunately, that did not really work out how he wanted, and he found out that he didn’t aspire a career as a Manager at the time. His private life also asked for more freedom. After some good conversations with his Manager, he switched his career path from Team Lead to Principal Consultant. “It is not the case that once you choose a career path you can no longer switch to another path. As a Principal Consultant, I am responsible for my own market, I am much more involved in my own business. This gives me more freedom and flexibility, which is exactly what I need right now, ” said Paul. As a Principal Consultant, Paul has also promoted several times.

Why has he been with Vibe Group for 6 years? Because of the vibe, the colleagues, the extras that Vibe Group offers, the extensive Learning & Development program and the fact that you can work your way up quickly. Paul: “You can be a Consultant for 6 years somewhere. But at Vibe Group, I have known so many different roles in 6 years: I once became Top Performer of the year, I was a Resource Consultant, I was a Manager and now the focus again on my own business as a Principal Consultant “.

Paul has different highlights during his career at Vibe Group: meeting the love of his life and being the best performing employee of 2017. About being the best performer of the year, Paul says: ” it was a euphoric moment, it was my goal from the very beginning of that year. And when you really are the Top Performer, it feels like a victory (because believe me there are a lot of good people working at Vibe Group)’’.

Did his career always rise in the upward direction? No, it didn’t.  Paul: “I’ve been cycling home enough times and thought: I’ll stop right away. Because especially in the beginning, it doesn’t always go how you want it to go. Fortunately, I have always had good contact with my managers, who gave me the courage to do not give up. Because they also know how it is in the beginning”. Paul therefore hopes that future (Resource) Consultants do not give up immediately. Paul: ‘’If you really want it, you will get there’’.

Have you just graduated and are you looking for a job? Specific work experience is not requirement with us; perseverance, strong communication skills, a driver’s licence and living in Amsterdam is what you need. Do you have a strong affinity with the sales profession and do you know how to sell yourself and others? Then this is a very interesting step! Start your journey now!

Tom Kreleger