A shared passion and vision and the conviction that it simply could be done better form the basis of the foundation of Vibe Group.

After years of experience in the staffing & consulting sector, Daniël Visser and Bernd van Baars are convinced that it can be done better, smarter, faster and more qualitative. Their shared passion and their vision on the staffing & consulting sector made them decide to start a business together. Vibe Group was founded in 2011. The first niche brand that was launched is Visser & Van Baars.

Our founders

Daniël Visser (Left)

“Say as you do, and do as you say. That’s a life lesson that I learned at an early age. Growing up in Friesland gives you a pretty level-headed view of life. That level-headedness, hard work and discipline are what helped me get to where I am today.”

Bernd van Baars (Right)

“Giving up is not an option for me. We’ll get there one way or the other. Keep pushing until you find a solution, and stay true to your word. Always assume the positive, and trust in people. That’s what I’ve been taught.”


Visser & Van Baars, the first Vibe Group brand, was founded, focusing on BI, MI, Data & Analytics. Today, Visser & Van Baars has the largest BI, MI and Data & Analytics network in the Benelux region.


In 2012, the second Vibe Group brand, Spilberg, was launched. This brand focuses on IT development and testing and has been a great success since day one.


Another year, another brand. In 2013, Eswelt was born with a mission to serve the job market for ERP and CRM professionals.


2014 is the year of Tergos, the next step in Vibe Group’s development as a collective of specialised IT staffing & consulting brands. This time, the focus is on the IT infrastructure and security job market.


For the first time, Vibe Group expands beyond the Netherlands and opens its first international office in Antwerp, Belgium.


The growing demand for IT executives leads us to enter an all-new market for the fifth year in a row by launching Perca Search.


Our international expansion continues and, in 2017, Vibe Group its first office in Germany.


Our success in Antwerp inspires us to open a second office in Belgium, this time in the capital city of Brussels.


We continue to spread out in Germany as well by opening our Frankfurt office.


The scarcity of highly qualified IT professionals on the job market is as high as ever. In 2020, we expand our services to include consultancy.