Cookie-Erklärung Vibe Group

Our website uses Cookies. On this page you can read our use in detail.

This cookie policy was last updated on 19/10/2021.

What is a cookie?

Welcome to the Vibe Group website. We use cookies on this website. A cookie is a small file of letters and numbers downloaded on to your computer when you access this website and stored on your computer by your browser. The information stored therein can be sent back to our servers on your next visit.

The cookies on our website can be divided into three categories: functional, analytical and tracking. Functional cookies are needed for our website to work properly. Analytical cookies are used to see, for example, which pages are visited most frequently and on which pages visitors stay longest. Tracking cookies may be placed by our advertisers for marketing purposes, in order to show you personalized ads.

The cookies on our website collect the following types of data:

  • Your IP-address
  • Your behaviour on our website during your visit (analytical)
  • Cookie-ID’s
  • Data from your social media account (tracking cookies)

Use of permanent cookies

Permanent cookies, i.e., a cookie that is stored for a longer period after your session, enable us to recognise you when you visit our website again. The website can therefore be adjusted specifically to your preferences. If you have given your permission for placing cookies, we can remember this by means of a cookie. This saves you having to repeat your preferences. The specific duration of these cookies can be found at the end of this statement in the list of cookies we use. Permanent cookies can be deleted via the settings of your browser.

Use of session cookies

Using a session cookie, we can see which parts of our website you have viewed during this visit. This enables us to adapt our service as much as possible to the surfing behaviour of our visitors. These cookies are automatically deleted as soon as you close your web browser.

Use of tracking cookies

With your permission, our advertisers place tracking cookies on your device. They use these cookies to keep track of which pages from their network you visit, in order to build up a profile of your online surfing behaviour. This profile is consists partly of comparable information they receive from your visits to other websites in their network. This profile will not be linked to your name, address, e-mail address, etc. as known to us and will only be used to tailor ads to your profile making them as relevant to you as possible.

Right to access, correct or delete your personal data

You have the right to request to view, correct or delete your personal data. You can send this request to Please also see our privacy statement. In order to prevent abuse, we may ask you to sufficiently identify yourself.

Enabling, disabling and deleting cookies

More information on enabling, disabling and deleting cookies can be found in the instructions and/or by using the help function of your browser.

Deleting tracking cookies placed by third parties

Some tracking cookies are placed by third parties who perform activities including displaying advertisements to you through our website. You can delete these cookies or block them permanently via your browser settings.

More information

You can find more information about cookies here.

Type Provider Cookie Purpose End
Analytical Google _ga Cookie records a unique ID that is used to generate statistical data on how the visitor uses the website (anonymously). 2 years
Analytical Google _gid Cookie records a unique ID that is used to generate statistical data on how the visitor uses the website (anonymously). 1 day
Analytical Google google_cid Cookie is used by Google Analytics and identifies all advertising campaigns carried out. Session
Analytical Google _gat Cookie is used to provide the analytics service with insight into visitor flow. The _gat cookie is used to limit the number of requests to the analytical service. 1 minute
Analytical Hotjar _hjFirstSeen Cookie is used to identify the first session of a new user. It stores a true/false value indicating whether it was the first time the user saw the website. Session
Functional Hotjar _hjTLDTest Cookie detects the SEO ranking for the current website. This cookie is set by Hotjar for performance and analysis purposes.
Analytical Hotjar _hjid Cookie is set when the website visitor first arrives on a page with the Hotjar script. It is used to keep the Hotjar-ID, unique for that site in the browser. This ensures that behaviour on subsequent visits to Visser & Van Baars is attributed to the same Hotjar-ID. 1 year
Analytical Hotjar _hjIncluded InpageviewSample Cookie set by Hotjar for performance and analysis purposes. 2 minutes
Analytical Hotjar _hjAbsolute SessionInProgress Cookie is set by Hotjar for performance and analysis purposes 30 minutes
Analytical Hotjar _hjIncludedin SessionSample Cookie is set in relation to Hotjar tracking. 2 minutes
Tracking Google Double Click IDE Cookie is used to show advertisements based on previous visits to the website. 1 year
Functional Google Double Click Test_cookie Cookie is used to check if the visitor’s browser supports cookies. 15 minutes
Tracking Facebook _fbp Cookie is used to measure the effectiveness of advertisements. 3 months
Tracking Facebook fr Cookie is used to show relevant ads on Facebook. 3 months
Functional Youtube Visitor_Info1_Live Cookie is used to estimate which interface should be used at the applicable bandwidth. 6 months
Tracking Youtube YSC Cookie is used to record preferences and visitor information. Session
Functional Cookie consent cookieconsent_status Cookie indicates how long a service can store and/or read certain data from your computer using a cookie, a pixel, an API, tracking without cookies or other sources. Minimum 1 Session



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