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Learning & Development een belangrijk onderdeel van werken bij Vibe Group
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Welcome to Vibe: driving force behind your professional development

Throughout your career we help you to set challenging goals and we support you to achieve them.

Our growth mindset: key to success

Creating your future

We strive to make a difference. That is why we offer the perfect environment for you to try harder, be smarter, be better, and never give up. It’s this attitude that turns the impossible into possible. It’s how we create the future of IT. Are you ready to create your own future?

Want to work as a sales consultant in IT staffing and consulting?

Our sales consultants are key to our success; they are the ones responsible for making the match between IT professional and organisation. We have our own unique approach to IT staffing and consulting. We believe that focus makes the difference: do one thing and do it right. That is exactly what being a Vibe consultant is all about. As a sales consultant for one of our niche brands you will be responsible for one specific IT specialism, one region, and one employment contract type. Want to find out if being a Vibe consultant is ‘really your thing’? Read the success stories of those who have gone before you.

Lifelong Learning

At Vibe Group, you’ll work on your own development each day. Staffing is a competitive industry. To keep ahead of your competitors, you’ve got to constantly keep developing and growing as a professional. We offer you career perspectives with many different paths for growth within our international group of companies. It’s up to you to decide how high you climb, and which direction you want to take. Our senior consultants and your team leader will work with you to create your own personal development plan. They’ll help you recognise you own unique qualities, so you can raise the limits for yourself, your market and your future.

What is working for Vibe like?

Off course, you are curious about what it is like to work for the various Vibe brands. And who better to tell you all about this than our own employees? Read their stories below.

Your personal development: the Impact Journey

Your Impact Journey begins the day you start working at Vibe Group. This is an intensive seven-month training programme, consisting of 20 different workshops and training sessions that get you up to speed on our best practices. You’ll learn all there is to know about candidates, clients and our process. At the end of the programmes, you’ll take an IT exam and give a presentation on what you’ve learned, as well as what you’d like to learn more about in the future. That’s because, at Vibe Group, you’re in charge of your own career.

The IT exam: success through knowledge

From your Impact Journey to every step of your career at Vibe Group, we’ll support you with workshops, one-on-one coaching, professional assessments and peer coaching in partnership with FranklinCovey. They’ve teamed up with us to design a diverse online and offline Learning & Development programme on topics like leading others, management skills, personal leadership and development. Vibe Group gives you all the tools you need for lifelong learning.

Feel the Vibe

We call our culture “the Vibe”. It is that unique atmosphere you feel when entering our offices. The Vibe stands for drive, passion and going the extra mile. But it also means finding a bit of peace in everything you do and living a healthy lifestyle; taking good care of yourself with what you eat and drink and exercising to clear your head.

The Vibe also has something quirky and rebellious about it. Vibers do their own thing in their own way. No empty talk or promises but determined to create opportunities and achieve their goals. That is the Vibe. It’s what we stand for and how we make the most impact.

Lifestyle and celebration vibes

Healthy Lifestyle/Sport Vibes

We value a healthy lifestyle. That’s why, as a Vibe employee, you get a discount at exclusive gyms, enjoy fresh smoothies at the office and get to join free activities from our extensive Sport Vibes program. Whether you are into bowling or yoga, laser gaming or a relaxing chair massage…this program offers something for everyone.

Lifestyle Store

Working at Vibe is also living the Vibe. With our online Lifestyle Store we make this tangible. Here you will find a wide range of (Vibe) products that fit your lifestyle. Do you like sports? Then choose a Nike shirt. Do you prefer to play golf? Choose balls and a T to shine at your local club. Or do you love surrounding yourself by the scent of success? Then spoil your senses with our scented candles.


Are you one of the lucky consultants who will see his/her performance rewarded with a lunch in a starred restaurant. Every month our best performing colleagues enjoy a well-deserved culinary spectacle.

Summer & End of Year celebration

Fun is part of our DNA for a reason, at Vibe Group we know how to celebrate our successes, no matter how big or small. Trust us, you don’t want to miss these.

Friday drinks

At Vibe Group we have the best and most enjoyable Friday drinks. It is our way of ending a week of hard working with fun and laughter.

Incentive trips

As a Viber you have the opportunity to participate in exclusive incentives. These trips are epic. You and and your colleagues will be talking about those for months (years!) to come.

Background for consultants in IT

A consultant at Vibe Group works for one of our IT niches. To be the best consultant you need some characteristics. Persuasiveness is very important.

10 characteristics of a skilled consultant



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