Vibe Group Success Story – Yannick de Meyer

Vibe Group is a place where your career gets a significant boost, as the 1300 employees now confirm. “A place with the charm and flexibility of a start-up coupled with the resources and focus of a large organisation,” says Yannick de Meyer, managing director of Vibe Group Belgium. “We continuously prove that our strategy works. But we are not there yet. On the contrary, we have only just started!”

Focus on niche
“Four years ago I started at Vibe Group Belgium from a small Regus office with 5 employees,” Yannick begins. “Charmed by the strategy of Vibe Group Netherlands, I also saw opportunities for Belgium. At Vibe Group we believe in the power of niches, or as we call it ‘knowing more about less’. We have four niche brands, all with a specific focus.

We also work this way with our clients, ‘doing more business with fewer clients’. This way we truly understand their culture and organisation like no other, which means that we function even more as a valued partner to service their internal staffing and consulting needs, as well as getting their projects done on time. We also notice that the combination of staffing and consulting within an IT-niche works very well. We are able to propose the right tailor-made solution around the clients’ challenge and think about a solution in a more objective way.”

Long term term people strategy
“By entering the market with a long-term focus, we have never been tempted by quick wins. I strongly believe that a long-term business strategy in our sector goes hand in hand with a long-term people strategy. People are our most important asset, and it is therefore key to offer development in their careers. We have an extensive training program, that is always tailored to the specific phase you are in. Life Long Learning is a core value at Vibe Group.

It is also very important for us to build a sustainable network and share it with each other. As an IT-staffing and consulting organisation, we are continuously getting in contact with different people, and we try to connect everyone: we regularly match IT-specialists and niche peers, for example by organizing meetups and hackathons. Not only does this benefit us, but it also helps professionals move forward in their career. "

Taking risks? Yes, please.
“Four years ago we moved to a larger office in the center of Antwerp: a beautiful, historic building that matches the authenticity of our employees. We also have fantastic offices in Brussels, Amsterdam, and Dusseldorf to attract more local talent. In a fun environment where people can be themselves, they feel more invited to be authentic and make more mistakes. In the end, this gives better results.

My most important tip for new Vibers is to just be yourself, don’t be afraid to fail and then learn from it. We believe that you grow faster by stepping out of your comfort zone. At the same time, it is perfectly normal to not succeed at your first try. We ensure an open culture where there is always room for questions and uncertainties. The faster our people can develop and grow, the faster we progress as an organization.”

Creating the future
“Besides being authentic, smart and driven, our specialists have more in common. From two offices and four niches, we work together as one team, which is fun, educational and improves quality. Being number one is our ambition, but we do not shout it from the rooftops. This down-to-earth, ambitious way of working really characterizes Vibe Group.”

“In total, Vibe Group now has 1000 IT consultants across five offices. In Belgium we are with 250.” “If there is one market in development, it is ours”, Yannick explains. “Digitization is a hot topic, and we build the solutions that create the future. Our goal is to further expand the team of commercial and IT teams and with that, optimize our services. We do not want to become an impersonal multinational: we would rather be the largest and best scale-up in the world!” We prefer to be in the speed boat rather than a tanker.

Join a winning team
“There is already a structure and at the same time there is still an awful lot to expand and develop: we are in the growth and optimization phase and at the same time we have only just started. This means that various plans, opportunities and career paths are there for the taking. Are you a consultant in IT or sales, do you live in the Antwerp / Brussels / Amsterdam / Dusseldorf region and do you see the next step on your career path? All you have to do is take the first step.” Click here for our Belgium job overview.

Work at Vibe is knowing a lot about a little

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Yannick de Meyer - Director Vibe Group Belgium