The IT exam: success through knowledge

As a consultant at Vibe Group, you help your clients solve complex IT issues every day. You do this by connecting your clients with the best professionals in your network. To succeed, you have to understand what your client is struggling with; otherwise, how will you make the right match with an IT specialist? That’s why consultants at Vibe Group learn all the essential ins and outs of IT, followed by an exam. Why is knowledge so important to Vibe Group and what exactly does the exam entail? Read all about it in this article.


For years, Vibe Group’s consultants have distinguished themselves in the IT staffing market through their in-depth specialist knowledge of an IT sector, which is one of our niche brands. And with success! Our customers expect us to understand their problems, to think with them and beyond, and to provide them with the right knowledge. Thanks to our specialist knowledge and our lasting customer relationships, we connect the best IT professionals to the most challenging projects. Whether it has to do with ERP and CRM, IT development or security issues, we want to answer to every question.


Our specialist knowledge is crucial to our success. And you will notice that when you start working with us as a consultant. From day one, we’ll immerse you in our Impact Journey: a seven-month rollercoaster of one-to-one coaching, sales training and IT knowledge sessions. You will follow this learning path together with your Dutch, Belgian and German colleagues, who, like you, are starting at Vibe Group. Everything you learn, you immediately put into practice. This helps you develop into a serious sparring partner who knows what you’re talking about. You will also build a close network of Vibers, and abroad.


After five whirlwind months, you’ll be bursting with knowledge and know everything about Vibe Group and your niche.

Exam time! This is your chance to show us what you have learnt about IT topics such as agile, Scrum, DevOps and the cloud. But we will focus on your IT niche knowledge. We set the bar high with to content in the exam. Have you passed your exam? Then, of course, you deserve a real certificate. A nice piece of paper to frame and a valuable addition to your CV.


No market is as changeable as the IT market. Today’s latest development will be outdated tomorrow. How do we track these lightning-fast market developments and how do we keep our exams up to date? Our IT professionals play a vital role in this. After all, they are at the centre of their niche market every day and spot the latest trends and developments. They regularly lead internal training courses for their colleagues. We also frequently organise inspiring knowledge sessions in which we or guest speakers discuss the latest professional news.

Would you also like to work as a consultant, develop yourself fully and assist your clients even more? Take a look at our vacancies. We look forward to meeting you!

Working at Vibe is knowing more about less.

With the right knowledge you will develop further. On our working at Vibe page you will read how we do our work and how we make sure that you, as a new colleague, will grow just as fast as our company.

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