My Welcome to Vibe – introductory week

Vibe Group is a rapidly growing organisation. Every month we welcome new “Vibers” to our introductory week “Welcome to Vibe”. Bastian Peters worked as Talent Acquisition Consultant with Vibe Group in Düsseldorf. Here he talks about his onboarding with Vibe Group.

Starting my Vibe Group journey

My name is Basti, I’m in my 30s and work as a Talent Acquisition Consultant for Vibe Group in Düsseldorf. Before joining Vibe Group, I worked for a few different American corporations in Retail and Logistics Management and have worked on a freelance basis in E-Commerce.

After gaining a wealth of experience with my previous employers, I decided it was time for me to reflect on my professional career so far. I soon realised that areas such as appraisal, open communication, further training and career opportunities had been neglected in the past. From a personal perspective, the decision to move to Vibe Group was not difficult. I was aware of their open communication culture from the very first discussions. The Director of the Düsseldorf office, Sander Blankendaal, addressed all my questions straight away, clearly presenting all the options and explaining the visions of Vibe Group. Vibe Group also offers some quite specific career opportunities as we operate as a “ScaleUp”, which means that each individual employee makes a significant contribution to the Group’s growth.

An onboarding experience that exceeded my expectations

Welcome to Vibe – part 1: Getting to know Vibe Group

I’d like to start by giving you a brief overview of the onboarding programme, known as the “Welcome to Vibe” week. All new employees of Vibe Group are invited to spend their first working week from Monday to Friday at the headquarters of Vibe Group in Amsterdam.

Vibe Group head office on zuidas in Amsterdam

So, on Monday morning I travelled with another new recruit from Düsseldorf to Amsterdam. We didn’t know exactly what to expect and were very excited about this introductory week. We were really impressed as soon as we arrived at the Amsterdam headquarters, as the head office is located in the south of Amsterdam and there is an amazing view over the whole city from the 12th floor!

The first days were particularly inspiring as we were introduced to Vibe Group in more detail and the founders Daniël Visser and Bernd van Baars gave some in-depth speeches alongside some of the other executives.

Founders Daniël Visser en Bernd van Baars

It was great to feel that Vibe Group is keen to create a nice familiar atmosphere right from the outset. All the speeches were delivered with a personal slant and on an equal footing. It didn’t seem to matter whether the questions were about professional or personal issues, football or other leisure activities: they were always answered with humour.

een sportieve activiteit in de Rocycle-studio

Sport plays an important role within Vibe Group; as physical and mental health are promoted through sport, we were offered the opportunity to take part in a sporting activity in the Rocycle Studio. The activity consisted of a 45- minute spinning session in a special location in the Rocycle Studio and was great fun!

We were also invited as a group to meals out with different employees of Vibe Group on different days during the week so that we could get to know each other better in a more relaxed atmosphere.

Welcome to Vibe – part 2: training and Friday drinks

The second part of the  “Welcome to Vibe” week consisted of different training sessions. We were given some highly professional training in the areas of communication and social media. We were able to get to know our new colleagues and grow together as a team particularly in the group activities.

The first week was rounded off with Friday drinks at an event location close to the office. Friday drinks are also an important part of the Vibe Group culture, which is shared by every branch in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.  It’s a chance to enjoy a drink with the rest of the team and raise a glass to a successful week and the weekend ahead.

Ready to join Vibe’s unique team spirit and familiar atmosphere

Overall, the first week was marked by lots of positive impressions and it exceeded all our expectations. It was particularly nice to get to know all the new employees and senior officers within Vibe Group right from the start. We felt part of the Vibe Group from the word go.

As you’ve probably already realised, team spirit and a familiar atmosphere are what drives the work within Vibe Group. In addition to the outstanding further training and career opportunities mentioned above, these were deciding factors in my decision to move to Vibe Group and I realise they were missing with my previous employers!

As the saying goes: “Teamwork makes the dream work ;-)”.

Do you want to work at Vibe Group?

Feel free to contactuse any time if you would like to find out more or if you are ready for a change or some personal development.

Feel the Vibe and become a Viber!


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