Working at Vibe Group in IT staffing and consulting is just a bit different. Read these blogs for more background.

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Lees artikel Vibe Group is a rapidly growing organisation. Every month we welcome new “Vibers” to our introductory week “Creating your Future”. Bastian Peters was recently appointed... My “Creating your future”- introductory week
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Lees artikel Are you struggling to pursue your goals? Don’t worry: discouragements and setbacks only make you stronger. We believe that using a growth mindset is essential... Growth mindset: the key to success
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Lees artikel Vibe Group is a place where your career gets a significant boost, as the 1300 employees now confirm. “A place with the charm and flexibility... Vibe Group Success Story – Yannick de Meyer
Lees artikel This year we celebrate our anniversary with 10 years of building brands. A milestone that inspires us to reflect on our past, appreciate our present... Vibe Group Success Story – Mike Spijker
Lees artikel Persuasiveness is the quality we look for during job interviews. Is the job candidate naturally persuasive? Or do they at least show potential to be?... Persuasiveness: What does it really mean?
Lees artikel Connecting the right professionals to the right organisations: that is our passion. We can only do that if we also have highly skilled and driven... Vibe success story – Steffanie van den Bos
Lees artikel As a consultant at Vibe Group, you help your clients solve complex IT issues every day. You do this by connecting your clients with the... The IT exam: success through knowledge
Lees artikel When he no longer found a challenge in selling online advertising space, Philip Meijer (31) was ready for a new challenge. When a friend advised... Success story Philip Meijer: salesman to business manager