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About Vibe Group

IT staffing and consulting done differently

Vibe Group, founded in 2011 by Daniël Visser and Bernd van Baars, is a fast-growing international IT staffing and consulting organisation located in Amsterdam (headquarters), Belgium and Germany. It is our purpose to create the future of IT by connecting highly skilled IT professionals to organisations.
Since our foundation we manifested ourselves as the new sensation within the world of IT staffing and consulting. Raising the bar in quality by focusing exclusively on four IT niche markets with four different brands:

  • Visser & van Baars: Intelligence, Data and Analytics
  • Spilberg IT Development and Testing
  • Eswelt: ERP and CRM
  • Tergos: IT Infrastructure and Cyber Security.

Together, we have created the future of over 8400 highly trained IT professionals and more than 1950 organisations.

4 IT niches, 4 brands

Vibe Group focusses on four different IT niches with four different brands:

Visser & Van Baars has a high-quality Intelligence, Data and Analytics network. It connects professionals who are driven by data and analytics to leading organisations. Visser & Van Baars gives these innovation-oriented specialists a chance to use their analytical skills and endless ambition to get things moving.

Spilberg focuses on the IT Development and Testing market. It connects people who excel in coding and testing to organisations, so that together they can drive the digital revolution with unprecedented passion and creativity.

Eswelt focuses on the world of enterprise systems. It matches expert ERP and CRM professionals with organisations and thus contributes to the development and perfection of business processes.

Tergos is the leading IT Infrastructure and Cyber security network in the Netherlands. Tergos connects professionals to organisations so that together they can ensure an effective IT infrastructure and make the digital world a safer place.

Creating the future

Technology invented by human curiosity. Evolved by intelligence and creativity. Digital evolution starts with technology. And the sharp, ambitious minds that drive it. For the human touch, you need highly specialised IT professionals.

Being the leading international IT staffing and consulting organisation, we connect highly skilled IT professionals with organisations. That’s how we build careers and speed up digital transformation and growth.