We work to make an impact.
An impact on the careers of professionals.
An impact on the growth of organisations.
An impact on the IT labour market.

Our Purpose

Creating the future

We offer unique solutions that exceed our client’s expectations and that our competitors would not think of. We give our IT professionals exactly what they’ve been looking for.

We strive to make a difference. Give it all you’ve got, be smarter, be better, and never give up. That’s the spirit of Vibe Group. It’s why our clients and candidates trust us and it’s what makes our company a success.

Our shared values ​​create an ethical culture that is built on trust. We listen. We connect. We have fun.

Our core values


Vibe Group stands for quality. You can see it in everything we do— from our office locations, to the coffee that our barista serves. From training opportunities to processes and services. Whatever we do, we do it right.


All Vibe Group staff members and IT professionals are highly qualified and receive continual training and development. But we look further than just improving technical skills. Equally important to us are interpersonal competencies, and being positive and solutions-oriented.


Our drive at Vibe Group stems from our shared passion and ambition to make an impact in the organisations and in the careers of professionals we serve. Our name comes from the energy that we get out of doing just that.


Authenticity is at the heart of our strategy and it’s what defines our culture. At Vibe Group, we approach the market with authenticity. Our staff members are authentic and ready to make a unique contribution. With sincerity and individuality.


If you’re doing what you love, then your work becomes a source of happiness. Taking pleasure in your work gives you a positive attitude. And positive, happy people are what it takes to create a healthy culture within any organisation. This healthy culture provides a firm foundation for the organisation’s success. It’s as simple as that.

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