Vibe Group Germany moves to the centre of Düsseldorf

‘Making the impossible, possible’ is at the core of the Vibe Group DNA, in which growth and scalability are vital. Vibe Group Germany is starting 2023 on the right foot with a move to a new, charismatic building in the center of Düsseldorf.

Growth for Vibe Group Germany

Vibe Group was founded in 2011 in the Netherlands. In 2017, Vibe Group Germany was the third office opened in Europe after Vibe Group Belgium. Originally a start-up within the organization, they have now grown into a leading player in the German IT staffing and consulting market. Sander Blankendaal, who has been at the helm of Vibe Group Germany since July 2021, is very happy with the move to a new office: ‘What makes Vibe Group special is the culture. The combination of ambition, personal development and above all: going for the highest quality. This energy can be felt on our floor and now we have an office that equally reflects this ‘Vibe’. It is a prime location: right in the city centre but also close to the river Rhine, so that Vibers can easily find a nice lunch spot or take a walk along the water during their break. Inside and out, it is also a very charismatic building, with open office spaces and an area to relax. In short: a place that perfectly matches the phase Vibe Group Germany is in right now.’

Festive opening

The new office was festively opened on the 20th of January. But, as usual at Vibe Group, Sander is already working on the next step. ‘Our growth in Germany continues steadily, so now that we have moved we will see how quickly we can expand within this building. The intention is to make room for about a hundred new Sales Consultants.’

Opening party vibes

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Vibe Group Germany opens office in Centre of Düsseldorf

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