Vibe Group Antwerp celebrates grand opening of The National Bank

On September 12, 2023, staffing & consulting specialist Vibe Group officially inaugurated its new office in Antwerp. The spacious, authentic, and historic building on Leopoldplaats perfectly aligns with Vibe Group’s culture and core values.

Festive inauguration and exclusive tour

Together with 150 colleagues, valued clients, IT professionals, press, and other stakeholders, the event celebrated the possibilities offered by the new office. Award-winning city guide and bestselling author Tanguy Ottomer provided an exclusive tour of the National Bank, sharing captivating anecdotes that introduced everyone to the new workspace.

The ideal growth location

For Vibe Group, the historic bank building offers the perfect location, providing not only more space but also greater opportunities for growth. Authenticity is one of Vibe Group’s core values, and the National Bank of Belgium seamlessly aligns with this principle. The building’s historical charm is truly remarkable. The current National Bank building has been in existence since 1878, and after approximately 125 years of closure, its doors have reopened.

A place to grow and be yourself

Yannick de Meyer has been leading Vibe Group Belgium since 2017. Regarding the new office opening, he stated,

At Vibe Group, we aim for a professional and inclusive company culture. As an employer, we strive to provide a pleasant working environment with ample natural light and greenery that energizes our team. The National Bank offers us the best of both worlds—a high-end office space in line with our winning mentality and a ‘home base’ where everyone can be themselves.

A chapter in Vibe Group’s success story

Vibe Group, a Dutch company, opened its first office in Antwerp in 2015. What started as a promising opportunity has now grown into one of Vibe Group’s most successful branches.

Our ambition is to be number 1 in Belgium in IT staffing & consulting. Building strong relationships with our employees is crucial, both with our own ‘Vibers’ and with our clients and IT consultants in our employ,” said Yannick de Meyer, Country Manager Vibe Group Belgium.

De Meyer is optimistic about the future: “I have full confidence in the unlimited growth potential ahead of us. Together, we will continue to build, learn, and evolve, and with a solid foundation, we will shape the future of Vibe Group.”

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