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Amsterdam, 7 april 2022

Vibe Group launches new brand identity 

Today, 7 April 2022, fast-growing IT staffing and consulting organisation Vibe Group launches its new brand identity. The new identity reflects the organisation’s commitment to being the absolute leader in IT staffing and consulting and creating the future of IT by doing things differently.  

Vibe’s brand evolution 

Eleven years ago, Vibe Group entered the Dutch IT staffing and consulting market. At that time, IT and far-reaching digitalisation were already crucial to practically every organisation. The goal was to do things differently: better, faster and smarter. In 2011 Visser & Van Baars was launched as Vibe’s first niche brand, followed by Spilberg (2012), Eswelt (2013) and Tergos (2015).  

Vibe introduced a different approach to IT staffing and consulting. Key to this approach was ‘focus’: do one thing and do it right. Vibe’s brands each focus on one IT niche and its consultants each concentrate on one specific IT specialism, one region and one employment contract type. Vibe calls this the triple niche focus. 

Eleven years later, digitalisation is still pushing new limits. Vibe Group has grown to become a renowned multinational. In addition to its Amsterdam office, the group now has offices in Antwerp (since 2014), Düsseldorf (2017) and Brussels (2019). It celebrated the hiring of its 300th employee in 2020 and has created the future of thousands of IT professionals. Recently, Vibe expanded its services by adding IT consulting to its scope. Although the company has grown bigger and taken its game to the next level, the spirit of a challenger—‘mature, yet rebellious’—has remained. It has become part of Vibe’s healthy winner’s mentality. This attitude means always going the extra mile to find the perfect match between professional and organisation. 

New brand identity: What makes Vibe, Vibe? 

The new brand identity expresses more clearly the power and energy that makes Vibe, Vibe. While maintaining the specialist niche focus to truly connect with its audiences, the new brand identity strongly reflects:  

  • Vibe’s tech nature: leaving no doubt Vibe focuses on the tech market. 
  • Vibe’s professionalism: the ability to deliver better, faster, smarter and more qualitative services based on in-depth IT-niche knowledge.  
  • Vibe’s true mindset: the attitude of turning the impossible into possible, striving to make a difference.  
  • The interconnectedness of Vibe’s brands: pointing to the client’s advantage of dealing with a single supplier that addresses all IT staffing and consulting needs through its various niche brands.  

Check out Vibe’s brand movie to see the brand’s complete story


New visual elements of Vibe’s brand identity 

The new identity includes a brand-new visual identity, including the following elements: 

  • ‘The wing’: The five stripes in the corporate and niche logos symbolise the 5 forces (corporate and niche brands) that drive progress, innovation and speed. It is derived from the letter V and represents the dynamics of the organisation, as well as the movement, energy and drive needed to create the future.  
  • Colour palette: a colour palette that reflects the energy of the Vibe brands. 
  • Photography: Vibe stands for authenticity. Vibe’s new imagery is uniquely created for the brands. The people portrayed in it are real people at the core of the business: IT professionals, Vibe consultants and Vibe Staff employees.  


Future-proofing the Vibe brand: Rapid growth expected

The new Vibe brand is ready to lead from the future. The group expects to grow rapidly. Tension in the IT labor market continued to rise in 2021 and has now reached record levels. The demand for specialist knowledge is increasing and there are not enough highly skilled IT professionals. With this market forecast in mind, Vibe Group expects its revenue to increase to over €200 million in 2022. 

“Creating the future is an attitude” 

Announcing the launch of the new brand identity Daniël Visser, Founder (owner and partner) of Vibe Group, said:
“We think of ourselves as ambitious challengers who connect professionals to organisations to reach their highest level. Our new brand identity expresses our strong belief that the best tomorrow is created when we match technology and humanity in the perfect way: together, we create the future of IT.”

Bernd van Baars, Founder (owner and partner) of Vibe Group, said:
“Our new brand identity ensures that we hold on to our rebellious streak. We grow bigger, but we will always keep the spirit of a challenger: mature, yet rebellious. It’s all part of our healthy winner’s mentality. It is how we create the future for thousands of people each day. Or as we like to say: ‘Creating the future is an attitude. The attitude of turning the impossible into possible.” 




Notes to the editor 

For more information on Vibe Group’s new brand identity, please visit, check out the Vibe Group brand movie or contact Eva Hartog, Senior Brand Manager, +31 6 1253 2835,

About Vibe 

Vibe Group, founded in 2011 by Daniël Visser and Bernd van Baars, is a fast-growing international IT staffing and consulting organisation located in Amsterdam (headquarters), Belgium and Germany. Vibe is committed to creating the future of IT. We connected over 7,600 highly skilled IT professionals to more than 1,800 organisations.  

Each of our brands focuses on a specific IT niche market:

  • Visser & Van Baars: intelligence, data and analytics 
  • Spilberg IT development and testing 
  • Eswelt: ERP and CRM  
  • Tergos: IT infrastructure and cyber security 

With more than eleven years of experience, our team of over 1,700 employees and IT professionals is dedicated to passionately serving the IT sector every day.  

Vibe Group generated a revenue of €155 million in 2021. This number is expected to increase to over €200 million in 2022.

To learn more, visit our website and follow us on social media. 

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